45 Ltrs Trolley Mounted Mist Based Area Sanitisation System (Air Cartridge Type)

Ceasefire Industries Ltd.

  • Rs. 354,000.00

The Trolley Mounted Low Pressure Mist Based Area Sanitization System is also a spot pressure based system that has an agent container body with a capacity of 45ltrs to store the decontamination agent.


The steel container is attached to a 6ltr Air cartridge which has pressurised air at 300 bars that acts as a propellant. On activation, the air from the cartridge propels out the decontamination agent through a specially designed gun. The gun disperses the decontamination agent as small droplets or fine mist. This mist covers a much larger area as compared to any other conventional method of dispensing the mix.


Being multi-use equipment it can undertake up to 12 sterilizing applications with a single cartridge. This 45 ltrs system is designed to give you 45 minutes of continuous discharge in every application. When the sanitizing agent is consumed up, one can easily top up the decontamination agent mix and continue the sanitizing activities.


This 45ltr variant is specially designed to effectively sanitize large premises with ease, without having to face the hassle of repeated refilling. 

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