About Ceasefire

"Ceasefire Online Shop" is the official online sales platform of Ceasefire Industries Pvt. Ltd. This portal is owned and managed directly by the company.

Ceasefire is a fast-growing global brand that protects millions of people across the world, every single day. 

For decades now, we've pioneered fire safety in India, through firefighting systems and technologies that are unique to Ceasefire, and built at the very forefront of new-age technology. 

For over 25 years, Ceasefire has successfully manufactured, tested and sold hundreds of thousands of extinguishers - in India and other parts of the world. 

In India, Ceasefire saves a life every 6 minutes. – 

Ceasefire is ranked amongst the top fire safety brands in the Indian subcontinent. Airports, aircraft, the Indian Railways, ISRO, ships, factories, warehouses, malls, stadiums, offices, cars, hospitals, schools, houses and Indian Army Ammunition Depots across the country are protected by Ceasefire. 

And of course, millions of Indians who use these facilities. 

Today, a Ceasefire product is sold every 60 seconds, and used in a real life fire emergency every 5 minutes.  

End-To-End Solutions

The Design Solutions: Our Design Cell comprises fire experts, engineers and draftsmen use the very latest technology to design firefighting systems keeping in mind the premises-associated risks and national and state statutory requirements

 Technology Support: Our dynamic team of 200 technology experts specialize in Design, Supply Chain Management, Finance, Costing & Estimation, Project Management, Project Execution and After Sales. This cohesive, multifaceted unit has delivered solutions across sectors like Power, Telecom, Chemicals, Real Estate, IT and Infrastructure. 

Supply Chain Management: Every member in the Ceasefire Supply Chain is well versed with product standards in the fire industry. Our team of procurement experts coordinates with other departments to deliver projects successfully. Their current track record stands at 250 projects.  

Project Execution: 125 highly qualified and experienced project managers, engineers and skilled technicians execute diverse projects in challenging conditions across business segments without compromising on quality, safety or timelines. A familiarity with all fire safety standards and expertise in holistic fire safety systems ensures the team executes Factory Mutual (FM) approved projects. 

The Logistics Team: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Indore, Lucknow, Haridwar. Our 9 feeder warehouses and 50 locations nationwide ensure that our stocks aren't affected and our products are always delivered on time