About Ceasefire

"Ceasefire Online Shop" is the official online sales platform of Ceasefire Industries Pvt. Ltd. This portal is owned and managed directly by the company.

Ceasefire, India’s most trusted fire safety and security brand is today a holistically integrated Fire Safety & Security solutions conglomerate. 

Having invested extensively in R&D, the company has a range of over 400 revolutionary lifesaving products that span from prevention to early detection to fire fighting to evacuation and post fire damage control. The pioneer brand in the domain, Ceasefire has been the name synonymous with new age technologies that have been far ahead of their times. Today Ceasefire’s total green solutions and intelligent protection systems continue that trend.  

Products aren’t assembled at Ceasefire but engineered to perfection. Every Ceasefire product conforms to highest global standards and carries a host of international quality certifications. Today a Ceasefire product is used on a real-life fire emergency every 9 minutes. 

The company’s 360 degree integrated protection offerings rest on three pillars of – 

1) A full-spectrum product range including Fire Extinguishers to Fire Suits to Evacuation Solutions to Intelligent fire alarm systems to Auto Detection & Activation Fire Quell, Suppression and Hydrant systems to Perimeter Vigil, CCTV, Access Control and Burglar Alarm Systems. 

2) A dynamic distribution system that has dedicated SBUs to reach out and address the needs of customers in unique segments with unique requirements and risks. And… 

3) End-to-End solutions to offer our customers single-window solutions ranging from Design solutions to Manufacturing to Installation and Maintenance & Service.       

All this is reason why several of India’s finest blue chips feature on Ceasefire’s client list. 

Backed by a state-of-the-art production facility in Dehradun, a team of 2000 reach out to 3000 new customers every month from over 100 branches that cover more than 300 towns and cities across India.

No wonder then, the family of Ceasefire customers is today a 2,00,000+ and a Ceasefire Product is sold every 61 seconds and a life is saved every 9 minutes.