50Ltrs Trolley Mounted Mist Based Area Sanitisation System (Motorised Pump Type)

Ceasefire Industries Ltd.

  • Rs. 371,700.00

The trolley mounted 50 ltrs sanitization equipment is a motorised pump based system. It comprises of an agent cylinder which holds the decontamination mix and has a capacity of 50 ltrs. The system uses a motorised pump to propel the sterilizing agent out of the container body.


The motorized pump can be connected to a power supply. When the pump is switched on pressure is created that propels the decontamination agent out through a discharge gun.


This specially designed gun breaks down the decontamination agent into fine mist. This mist of the agent covers a large surface area effectively, leaving no gaps in the sterilizing process.


It is the on-the-go decontamination system. Just plug it on and keep going, as long as there is power supply and the decontamination mix in it there is no stopping. This 50 ltrs motorised system is designed to give you 60 minutes of continuous discharge in a single application. When the disinfectant solution is over, simply top it up again and continue sanitisation again.

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