9 Ltrs Trolley Mounted Mist Based Area Sanitisation System (Motorised Pump Type)

Ceasefire Industries Ltd.

  • Rs. 371,700.00

The system is a motorised water pump based system that uses single fluid technology to break down the decontamination agent into small mist particles. The agent in the cylinder is pushed out of the tank with a help of suction that is generated by an electrical motor pump.


The decontamination agent comes out of the system in form of tiny mist droplets. Mist being small in size spread over a larger surface area as compared to water droplets, thereby sanitizing larger surfaces with minimal quantity of the decontamination agent.


USP of the system is that one can use the system as many times by simply plugging it in to a power supply. This 9 ltrs motorised system is designed to give you 10 minutes of continuous discharge in a single application. When the sanitizing agent is consumed up, one can easily top up the decontamination agent mix and continue the sanitizing activities.

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