Ceasefire Smoke Detector - (Model 1L)

Ceasefire Smoke Detector - (Model 1L)

Ceasefire Industries Ltd.

  • Rs. 5,310.00

Black poisonous smoke is the first sign of fire. It can alert you even before the flames become visible. Or turn into a fatal enemy if left unnoticed.

Ceasefire's smoke detectors use cutting-edge technology to detect the faintest traces of smoke in a home, giving you enough time to get to the nearest extinguisher and defeat the fire.

Dual chamber ionization technology provides the highest degree of sensitivity and reliability.

A built-in light provides a critical light source in the event of a power failure.

An independent 9 volt power supply and a low battery warning system ensure that the smoke detector is always in working condition.

The loud 85 dB(A) alarm guarantees to alert you even if a fire breaks out late at night.



  • Introduction: The highly sensitive Ceasefire Smoke Detector 1L is equipped with Dual Chamber Ionization Detectors that detect even the smallest smoke particle. The very second smoke is detected, a loud 85db alarm is activated. What's more, being battery-operated, the SD-1L works even when there's no electricity.
  • Sensitivity and Reliability Dual chamber ionization detectors provide a high degree of sensitivity and reliability
  • Battery Operated Works on AIR-volt battery, independent of power supply
  • Easy Battery Replacement Easy-access battery door makes changing batteries a breeze
  • Test Button Allows for regular checks to test alarm functions
  • Voluble Alarm Emits a loud, piercing 85db alarm is guaranteed to alert everyone in the vicinity
  • High Quality Standards Meets Ul217 standard for smoke detectors

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