Ceasefire CO2 Based Fire Extinguisher (Squeeze Grip Type) - 2Kg

Ceasefire CO2 Based Fire Extinguisher (Squeeze Grip Type) - 2Kg

Ceasefire Industries Ltd.

  • Rs. 9,900.00

A typical CO2 extinguisher weighs a staggering 18.5 kgs, making it extremely difficult to carry and operate. CO2 is also stored at very low temperatures, often causing freeze burns on the user’s hands in the process of activation.

The revolutionary new squeeze grip activation, removes all risk of freeze burn, and ensures that the user can rapidly put the extinguisher to use against a fire.

An ergonomically designed handle at the center of the extinguisher distributes the load evenly to the key arm muscles, making the extinguisher easier to carry.

Wheels at the base of the extinguisher also significantly improve its portability over long distances.

A used / unused indicator allows the user to check, at a glance, whether the extinguisher is ready for use.

Finally, we’ve given it a longer 1.3 metre hosepipe. Which means you can use the extinguisher with your arm fully outstretched, without having to lift it.



  • Introduction: CO2 extinguishers are the perfect weapon against large, hard to fight Class B and C fires. CO2 extinguishers offer higher storage capacity than regular sized CO2 extinguishers. The squeeze grip activation feature ensures that the extinguisher can be activated rapidly in an emergency.
  •  Squeeze grip: The rapid squeeze grip activation eliminates all risk of freeze burns. An ergonomically designed handle makes it remarkably easy to carry.
  •  Compatibility: Safe for use on sensitive equipment.
  •  Works on all type of fire: Fights Class A, B, C and Electrically started fires.
  •  Standards: Virtually every Ceasefire extinguisher has ISO 9001 and CE certifications, and conforms to ISI standards.
  •  Easy snap safety seal: A completely tamper-proof safety seal that can be broken in seconds.
  •  1 year Warranty: The 1 year Warranty means Ceasefire is looking out for the health of your fire safety products.
  •  Simplicity in handling: Flexible hosepipe aids simplicity in handling.
  •  Protective covering: The valve features a protective covering.
  •  Ready/Used indicator: A mechanical device that shows the current status of the extinguisher.
  •  Discharge mechanism: A simple squeeze grip activation mechanism allows you to control the discharge and optimise use of the extinguishing agent.
  •  EPDM rubber hosepipe: Superior grade EPDM rubber is far more flexible than the normal rubber used in most hosepipes. It is also far less prone to cracks.



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