Ceasefire Mini - Micro Environment Fire Suppression - (Intuitive System)

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  • Rs. 27,328.00

  • Fights all classes of Fires
  • Self-activated and easy to install
  • Fits anywhere
  • No power supply required
  • Heat-sensitive glass bulb acts as a heat sensor
  • Available in 100gm, 200gm, 300gm, 400gm & 500gm


The Mini is a state-of-the-art micro environment suppression system designed by Ceasefire. The size of your palm, it sits snugly inside small enclosed spaces that are vulnerable to fire. When the temperature of the micro-environment exceeds a preset limit, the Mini swings into action and automatically extinguishes the fire.

Place it inside your server. Pop it in the fuse box. The Mini fits anywhere, and protects everywhere!

Mini – Intuitive System
The Mini – Intuitive System is a direct suppression system which protects the microenvironment from inside. Place it inside or attach it to the inner wall of the microenvironment, and the Mini is ready to protect.


Ease of UseBeing automatic, the Mini requires no prompt to start firefighting. 

Fits Anywhere: The Mini can easily fit into the spots that are most prone to fire. 

Electronics-friendly: The Mini is filled with clean agent HFC 227ea that cause no damage to your electronics. 

Maintenance-free: The Mini comes with 1 year warranty and the assurance of no leakage. 

Easy to Install with 2 Mounts: The Standard and Busbar mounts make installation a breeze. 

Self-actuation:  Since the Mini is self-actuated, it spots the fire and protects even when no one is around. 

No Power Supply Required: The Mini uses a mechanical release mechanism to start firefighting. 

Works on All Classes of Fire:The Mini can be used on any kind of fire, making it a truly versatile firefighter. 

Different temperature settings: Mini variants are available for 3 heat thresholds – 57°C, 68°C and 93°C. 

Protects all Micro-environments: Available as an Intuitive or Adaptive System, the Mini protects everywhere.


Application Areas

  • Small Electrical Panels
  • Server Racks
  • MCB Boxes
  • Fuse Boxes
  • Any Small Enclosed Area that needs Fire Protection

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