Ceasefire Video Door Phone (Villa Kit)

Ceasefire Video Door Phone (Villa Kit)

Ceasefire Industries Ltd.

  • Rs. 35,190.00

Your front door is your first line of defense. It is all that stands between your safety and the dangers that lie outside. Who you let in could mean the difference between life and death.

This is where our video door phone systems come in. These devices allow you to take a look at what´s outside without having to open the door like you would in the case of a night latch.

And what´s more, you won´t have to rely on the tiny, distorted image you see through a peephole: its sophisticated cameras and monitors provide you with crisp, clear images.

It provides a clear view of whoever´s outside your door and even lets you communicate with them safely.

Ceasefire´s Video Door Phone System is your first step towards security.



  • Introduction: The Premium Kit from Ceasefire is at the frontline of home security products. With it you can ensure that no unwelcome visitors access your home. It features a sleek 3.5 inch LCD color monitor that enables both hands free communication and easy operation.
  •  Colour Monitor : 3.5" TFT colour monitor ensures high visibility.
  •  Door Release Control : The unit has an electromagnetic door release option (lock and open function) that allows you to control entry into your home or office
  •  Dual Support : Supports a slave monitor and a second door panel
  •  Dual Communication : Designed for communication between master and slave monitor.
  •  Extended Viewing : Option to view entrance door panels and footage from other CCTV Cameras
  •  Certification : CE Certified
  •  Ring Melodies : Features 2 different ring melodies
  •  CCTV Compatible: Can connect to up to 2 CCTVs.
  •  Touch Buttons : Viewing and communication functions can be activated via touch buttons

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