Ceasefire Motion Sensor Light (Ceiling Mounted)

Ceasefire Motion Sensor Light (Ceiling Mounted)

Ceasefire Industries Ltd.

  • Rs. 2,230.00

Arm yourself with the burglar’s worst enemy — light!

As most burglars use darkness to their advantage. This light switch on if it detects movement, robbing intruders of their cover. But that’s not the only benefit it offer. It also makes perfect entrance light.

Unlike ordinary lights, where you have to grope for a switch in the dark, this lights switches on automatically the moment you step in.

Best of all, it uses power intelligently: switching itself on only when it’s required and switching off when it isn’t.



  • Introduction: The Ceasefire 1CS83 Premium Ceiling Mounted Sensor Light 10700 puts the spotlight on to any intruder the second it senses movement in its vicinity. Its 360° motion sensor ensures every angle is covered. The sensor light even works when the electricity has been disconnected as it comes with an LED lighting option..
  •  360° Motion Sensor:Equipped with a 360° motion sensor for better accuracy.
  •  Soft Lighting An opal/opaque glass cover ensures the light is bright and illuminates the area without being blinding.
  •  Dual Power Options: In case power supply is cut off this light will still do its job thanks to a supplementary LED lighting facility..
  •  Digital Control Technology : Excellent sensing by the digital control technology ensures high sensitivity.
  •  Low Power Usage: The Lighting Load is as low as 60W..
  •  Smart Technology: Loaded with features such as the ability to calculate adjustable time delay, light and sensing distance.
  •  IP43 rated: IP (Ingress Protection) Code classifies and rates the degrees of protection provided against dust and water.

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