Ceasefire Basic Security System (Start-up Pack) Model No: 1CS06

Ceasefire Basic Security System (Start-up Pack) Model No: 1CS06

Ceasefire Industries Ltd.

  • Rs. 36,000.00

Contrary to popular belief, most burglaries are not random, unplanned acts. In most cases, the burglar is someone who has observed you over time: a former household help or even your ex-watchman could be a potential threat.

He knows your property, the people in it and in many cases, their routine. As for your valuables, every experienced burglar knows where to find them: drawers, cupboards and safes.

So how can you protect yourself against even the most calculated attack?

With Ceasefire’s security system you can leave your home confident that a break-in will automatically sound an alarm, activate a response, and inform you via your telephone.

Motion detectors, wired siren, magnetic contacts and curtain detectors alert you the second an intruder breaks in. Flood and smoke detectors alert you in case of flooding and fire. And the central control panel monitors the overall security of your home. This system leaves no corner unguarded.



  • Introduction :There's nothing like the peace of mind of knowing your loved ones are safeguarded whether you're home or not. This security start up pack is designed to do just that. It comprises a Magnetic Contact, Motion Detector, Key Fob and Control Panel to help monitor and control the security devices.
  •  Motion Analysis Feature: Enables it to distinguish human motion from other disturbances.
  •  Reduces False Alarms:False alarms are reduced due to smart detection technology .
  •  Loud Alarm Emits a loud 85db alarm the second any of the devices are Activated..
  •  Long-Battery Life Works on a long-life 3 VDC lithium battery, independent of power supply.
  •  Visual Indication Visual indications by red/green/amber LED provides quick visual confirmation of system status.
  •  Tamper Proof: Automatically send tampering and low-battery alerts
  •  CFR Quality Assurance : Built to Ceasefire's high standards, which are in compliance with international quality standards.
  •  Comprehensive Programs:Comprehensive maintenance programs from Ceasefire help keep your security system in tip-top shape.

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